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Olympics clanger: Jeremy Hunt almost hits woman with bell end while on board HMS Belfast

The UK Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt narrowly avoided maiming bystanders yesterday when he became 'over excited' while ringing his Olympic bell.

The minister was vigorously shaking his bell while on the deck of HMS Belfast in London when the brass become detached from its wooden handle and the bell end shot through the air above the Second World War cruiser.

He watched helplessly as it disappeared among a group of Olympics fans but fortunately the bell end missed hitting anyone.

A relieved Hunt was caught on a Sky News camera saying: "Oh, oh dear! Are you all right? Health and safety!

"Are you OK? There we are, disaster averted."

Moments earlier Hunt said he couldn't guarantee that the Olympic celebrations would go off without a hitch.

HMS Belfast is permanently moored on the Thames near London's Tower Bridge, with Hunt aboard as part of the All the Bells celebration as people across the country rang bells to mark the start of the 2012 Games.

The Tory minister later made light of the near-miss, comparing it with a scene from the BBC comedy Twenty Twelve.

He wrote on Twitter: "Oops bell broke taking part in Martin Creed's ringing in of the one hurt but classic #twentytwelve moment."

Hunt later told the BBC: "I was ringing my bell in a very excited way and it collapsed in my hand and went flying off.

"I had my very own 2012 moment. It was a clanger, if you'll forgive the pun."

Boris Johnson asked about Hunt's bell end mishap

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