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Olympics: Excuses, excuses - reasons for failure

'I just felt like I didn't really get off'

Too much Twitter

Australian swimmer Emily Seebohm put her failure to win gold in the 100m backstroke down to her excessive use of social media. "I just felt like I didn't really get off [Twitter and Facebook] and get into my own mind," she said.

Seebohm, who set an Olympic record in the qualifiers, also said she has been struggling with the after-effects of a bout of swine flu.

Too much standing

A French basketball player blamed the opening ceremony for his poor performance on Sunday as his side were blown away by the USA. Nicolas Batum complained of a bad back after having to stand for the lengthy ceremony. "I'm not used to standing like that," he said. "Four or five hours just killed me."

Too much cheering

Malaysia's National Sports Institute is to investigate athletes' complaints about loud cheering putting them off their game, but the institute's chief executive, Dr Ramlan Abdul Aziz, criticised the athletes, saying "such lame excuses are unacceptable".

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