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Paddy Barnes: Just as well I got beaten because I would have been embarrassed next week

By Vincent Hogan in Rio

Devastated Paddy Barnes attributed trouble making the penal 49kg weight to his Olympic defeat in Rio today.

he Belfast light-fly lost a split decision to Spaniard, Samuel Heredia Carmona, to crash out of the 'Games at the first hurdle. "I'm just so tired, I'm feeling too big for the weight" he revealed after. "There were doubts about me making the weight. I didn't think I was going to make it, but I pushed myself that hard because it was the Olympic Games."

Barnes's natural weight is 59kg and he has often spoken of the "torture" of trying to stay legal for the light-fly division.

Two judges had him trailing after the first round against Carmona and, while the double Olympic medalist rallied manfully, he could never shake off the bull-strength of the 20-year-old Spaniard.

Barnes revealed that his franchise was fined for him not making the weight during qualifying for these Games through the WSB.

"To be honest, I felt good getting into the ring today" he revealed. "But, to be honest with you, at the end of that first round, my energy was completely gone. I had nothing whatsover to give. I threw as many punches as I could in the second and third, but I just don't know where they came from.

"I'm absolutely devastated. I came here to win the gold medal.

"I was favourite for gold and I genuinely believed that I would come away with the gold medal. Even If I had won, the next fight I would have got hammered again because I have no energy. Just as well I got beaten because I would have been embarrassed next week.

"This morning will be the last time I will be 49 kilo ever. I will not be fighting at 49 kilo again, it is too hard."

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