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Tony McCoy’s daughter (11) aims for the Olympics


Tony McCoy with daughter Eve

Tony McCoy with daughter Eve

The talented young show jumper in action

The talented young show jumper in action

Tony McCoy with daughter Eve

It's not unusual to see a McCoy gliding effortlessly over fences on a thoroughbred horse.

But this gifted equestrian isn't legendary Northern Ireland jump jockey Tony, rather AP's 11-year-old daughter Eve who stunned spectators at Liverpool Horse Show with a dazzling performance in the show jumping.

And now the eldest child of Sir Anthony and his wife Chanelle is aiming to make sporting headlines of her own by starring in a future Olympics.

Eve, described by 20-times national hunt champion Tony as his "miracle baby" when she was conceived through IVF after the Moneyglass knight was told he was infertile, donned a Superwoman costume as she overcame all obstacles on her grey mount.

Indeed, her superb showmanship at one of the most significant equestrian events in the UK even prompted her 44-year-old father, to quip : "Looks like I brought home the right baby!"

Avid show jumper Eve was lauded for her "fearless" display in the fancy-dress relay event, which sees young riders pair up with celebrity show jumpers, with her team going on to finish sixth.

After clearing all the jumps on her pony Izzy at high speed, the talented youngster admitted that she sets her alarm at 6am every day to ride before school, adding that she will "keep practising until I reach the Olympics".

She said: "My dream is to ride in the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028. All I want is to get a gold medal like Nick Skelton in the Olympics because that's the biggest show jumping competition in the world."

Her doting dad - who revealed he'd been informed that his attendance at the December event was imperative - admitted that he was relieved Eve chose show jumping over wanting to be a jump jockey - and the danger that goes with it.

"I was told I had to be back in Liverpool by the 30th by my daughter," said AP, who's widely regarded as one of the greatest stars in sporting history.

"It just shows you how things change in your life when you start getting bossed around by your 11-year-old daughter. I never thought that would happen to me but it has."

He added: "My wife was always keen for the children to ride and the more Eve did it, the more she got into it. She always loved being around the horses and she likes the competitive element which show jumping gives."

Eve, who lives with five-year-old brother Archie at the family's home in Newbury, Berkshire, travels across the country to take part in show jumping competitions every weekend.

Praising her aptitude AP said: "She loves competing and she's got plenty of bottle, which you can't teach a kid. I see traits in her that I have - she's not a great loser and she gets upset with herself. Even when it goes wrong or I shout at her, she comes back for more."

Meanwhile mum Chanelle told how Sir Anthony is no longer allowed to tutor his "very enthusiastic and very brave" horse-mad daughter who is, nevertheless, desperate to impress him.

"It must be in her DNA that she is not satisfied taking part, she wants to win", she said.

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