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Badminton players brawl: Bodin Issara banned for two years after attacking Maneepong Jongjit at Canada Open

Badminton player Bodin Issara has been banned for two years for chasing and attacking former doubles partner Maneepong Jongjit during the final of the Canada Open last week.

Bodin lost his temper after Maneepong had hit him on the head with his racquet at the change of ends. The Badminton Association of Thailand (BAT) also gave Maneepong a three-month ban for provoking Bodin.

BAT president Charoen Wattanasin said: "Everything we have done in 60 years collapsed just because of one person. In my six decades in this sport, I haven't seen a more violent case than this.

"I have been requested to be gentle in the measures but this is not about my feelings or others' feelings. It's a matter of the country's image."

The pair previously played together at the London 2012 Olympics and were competing in Canada on opposite sides for the first time since their split.

Video of the incident below

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