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Bangor teenager Chloe Watson seals 'amazing' four-timer

By David Mason

Young Chloe Watson wrote herself into the IWIBA record books by walking off with an incredible four national titles at the Watson Stadium yesterday.

The 17-year-old, from Bangor, won the singles crown for the first time but picked up the Under-25 singles trophy for the third successive year.

And, just for good measure, Watson also tasted success in the triples and fours.

This all comes on the back of the British Isles Under-18 mixed pairs medal she won only a matter of weeks ago followed by her WIBC Under-25 singles victory when she became the first Irish girl to win the event.

"I'm still trying to take it all in," she said after this amazing feat. "It was a tough three days, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

"I suppose it will take a bit of time for it to sink in. I'll need a bigger trophy cabinet at home after this."

Results: Irish Women's National Championships: Singles semi final: C Watson (BIBC) 21 A McKillop (BCIBC) 17.

Final: Watson 21 A Craig (CAIBC) 6.

Under-25 singles final: C Watson (BIBC) 21 E Smith (CAIBC) 18.

Pairs semi-final: M Robinson, A Elliott (BCIBC) 20 C Eadie, S Bailie (BIBC) 30.

Final: Eadie, Bailie 21 S McAuley, B Cameron (CAIBC) 13.

Triples: C Watson, C Eadie, S Bailie (BIBC) 21 M Robinson, P Calvin, A Elliott (BCIBC) 17.

Final: Bailie 24 C Meneely, A Rainey, SJ Curran (CAIBC) 7.

Fours semi-final: N Graham, P Johnston, A McKillop, D Baird (BCIBC) 23 C Meneely, E Smith, A Rainey, SJ Curran (CAIBC) 19.

Final: Baird 13 C Watson, K Woodside, C Eadie, S Bailie (BIBC) 15.

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