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Barry Kane hails title triumph as one of his best

By David Mason

Barry Kane admitted it doesn’t get much better after winning the Irish singles title at Whitehead at the weekend.

It’s been quite a season for the Dunluce man and his latest success comes hot on the heels of his victory in the British Isles pairs.

He again demonstrated his immense talent with wins against the fancied Stephen McKinley and Mark McPeak to get his hands on the coveted piece of silverware for the first time, but believes it will take some time for his latest triumph to “sink in”.

“It’s definitely up there (with his best moments) in terms of a singles win,” he beamed. “It’s on a par with my two World Under-25 singles victories (indoor and outdoor) a few years back.

“Winning the Provincial and Irish pairs along with my brother Rodney, which culminated in our British Isles victory back in July, was a really special moment.

“I’m thrilled to have at last got my hands on the Irish singles.”

Kane featured in an enormous amount of matches to reach the last four and was determined to take the opportunity.

He produced a storming finish to end the semi-final challenge of McKinley, who had defeated Marty McHugh in the NIBA final last month, before overcoming McPeak in the final.

“Having come so far, I was determined to make the most of this opportunity,” he added. “Both games were really tough. Stephen was still in the game at 18 ends, but I managed a strong finish, picking up two singles and a three to get over the finish line.

“It was a similar theme in the final. There were only two shots in it at 19 ends and I managed two singles and a two. I’m over the moon.”

Irish BA National Championships

Singles: M McPeak (Belmont) 22 N Maher (Crumlin) 8; S McKinley (Whitehead) 14 B Kane (Dunluce) 21. Final: McPeak 15 Kane 21.

Under-25 singles: J Byrne (Crumlin) 18 M Gallagher (Letterkenny) 21; C Dorman (Donaghadee) 10 S Shields (Ballymena) 21. Final: Gallagher 11 Shields 21.

Youth singles (Under-18): J Moffett (Banbridge) 13 A McKeown (Mossley) 21; C O’Brien (CYM) 21 R Hutchinson (Castlerock) 12. Final: McKeown 21 O’Brien 4.

Pairs: M Nutt, S Kirkwood (Old Bleach) 25 G Smith, M Wilson (Cookstown) 9; TA Smyth, TP Smyth (Leinster) 19 B Browne, M McHugh (Whitehead) 18. Final: Kirkwood 20 Smyth 21.

Triples: M McHugh (Whitehead) 19 A Duncan (Ballymena) 14; TP Smyth (Leinster) 12  B McAlary (Ballymoney) 19. Final: McHugh 25 McAlary 8.

Fours: S Bennett (Belmont) 19 B Browne (Whitehead) 18; J Dixon (Meath) 7 B Kane (Dunluce) 41. Final: Bennett 24 Kane 14.

Senior Fours: T Cheevers (Donaghadee) 27 F McCarthy (CYM) 21; R Horner (Belmont) 19 W McCaw (Ballymoney) 18. Final: Horner 21 Cheevers 13.

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