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Blue sharks provide real test for Ulster anglers as the men from Killybegs show how it's done

By Vic Thomas

Donegal Bay is fishing well with boats at Mullaghmore and elsewhere landing big blue sharks and shore anglers also banking some good fish.

As the temperatures soared, Killybegs Mariners made the angling version of hay while the sun shines.

Just three hours over sand produced 18 dabs with 10 over 30cms long as well as spotted rays, turbot, dogs and pollack.

Even when offshore lightning moved in, fears that pollack may be scarce were allayed as members enjoyed a great session of wrasse fishing with soft plastic lures.

At the other end of Donegal, at Downings, skipper Michael McVeigh revealed that charter boat fishing remains good, although the mackerel are still a bit patchy.

The Ballybay Five Day Classic produced a fantastic week's fishing with a total of just over 1,011kgs of fish weighed in.

Going into the final day, Kevin Johnson and Tony Green were battling it out for first and second place as the pair headed to Lough Egish.

Green drew the Roadside and managed a weight of 4.625kgs, while Johnson headed off to Fuzzy Burgers and had a weight of 12.550kgs which saw him claim top spot with a total catch of 75kgs.

Tony weighed in 65.675kgs for second place with Andrew Lightbown, third, 63.850kgs, Julian Kendrick, fourth, 59.275kgs and Finnian Feeney completing the overall top five with 58.000kgs.

Water levels remained fairly constant on the River Drowes which was a little quieter than recent weeks, but the good grilse run continued unabated with 60 fish landed.

Gareth McAteer recorded a 3lb grilse on fly from the Mill Pool while Oscar Robles logged a 4lb grilse on prawn from the Sea Pools and a 5lb grilse on prawn from Red Roof.

Martin Norris banked three from 3lbs to 5lbs on prawn from Tinkers and the Crooked Hole while Paul Hill recorded a brace of grilse at 2lb 8ozs and 3lbs on fly from Two Islands and Lennox's. Eamonn McCallion landed a 4lb grilse on fly from the Sea Pools, Walter Cassan had a 4lb grilse on worm from the Mill Pool and Alfred Wanderwal recorded a 5lb grilse on fly.

Derek McLaughlin logged three grilse on flies from below the Four Masters Bridge and Virgilio Alonso accounted for 10 grilse to 6lbs on prawn and worm from various pools over several days.

At the Craigmore Fishery, Randalstown, there have been some great evening rises but caenis appearing in thick clouds tested the anglers' patience.

Sandy Dorien was undeterred as he banked 29 trout to 5lbs on the Weed fly, Willie Anderson landed 19 to over 7lbs on sedge and buzzers, Sammy Conaughty grassed 14 on buzzers and Jonny McNeill bagged 28 on Apps Bloodworm.

John McNeill tempted a dozen to over 5lbs on buzzers, Ciaran Cassidy caught 16 to 5lbs on dries, Davy Cupples landed 16 to over 5lbs on dries and Alan Temple landed a dozen.

John Bailey had 12 to 4lbs plus mostly on buzzers, Maurice Anderson grassed 15 on buzzers, Tommy Wharry banked 12 on damsels and crunchers while Des Moran took 11 on buzzers and daddy's including a great fish at 8lbs.

Billy Hazalett landed 11 on dries, Mark Goudy grassed 10, David Moore tempted 19 to 7lbs on dries, James Harper tempted 15 and William McKee nine on mixed patterns.

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