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Boxing: Ulsterman Ryan Burnett is aiming to come back with a bang


Raring to go: Ryan Burnett is relishing ring return

Raring to go: Ryan Burnett is relishing ring return

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Raring to go: Ryan Burnett is relishing ring return

Ryan Burnett is looking forward to putting a year of inactivity behind him and impressing his fans in the Devenish tomorrow night, the talented 22-year-old aiming to improve his record to 5-0 against Bulgarian survivor Valentin Marinov over six rounds.

"I haven't boxed in a year and it's good to be back boxing, especially in front of my home crowd," said Burnett.

"I've sold plenty of tickets and have lots of people coming down to support me so I'm really looking forward to it."

Burnett has recently hooked up with David Haye's former trainer Adam Booth after initially turning pro with Ricky Hatton. The Ulsterman says that the Hatton partnership ended amicably.

"Things weren't going perfect so I just thought that I had to make the move but we ended on good terms. I'm really glad about the way things have gone since teaming up with Adam and we get on well," said Burnett.

"I've had a great training camp, some great sparring and I feel fit and ready to go. I was sparring with a Danish lad - he was heavier than me and it was tough sparring but I learned a lot."

The Olympic Youth gold medallist is boxing for the third time in Belfast and has another fight planned for the end of this month in London.

"Hopefully everything goes well with this fight and then I'll fight again on November 29.

"If all goes to plan with that one then I'm looking to have a big 2015. Adam believes that we will be able to move quickly through the division," he added.

Dee Walsh headlines the Devenish show against Terry Maughan for the vacant Irish light-midddleweight title. Paddy Gallagher, Paul Hyland and James Fryers also feature.

Belfast's Michaela Walsh was beaten on a split decision by Anna Alimardanova of Azerbaijan at the World championships in South Korea.

The defining moment of a tight four-round 54kg duel arrived in the fourth when the Azeri southpaw hit the floor from a right hook from Walsh, but it was ruled as a slip.

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