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Caster Semenya ‘saga’ will not end: Meadows

Jenny Meadows has admitted Caster Semenya will be tainted forever by the controversy surrounding her World Championship victory last year.

Semenya returned to competition last week after 11 months out following the debate over her gender which arose in the wake of her stunning performance in Berlin.

The South African, 18 at the time, lowered her personal best to an incredible one minute 55.45 seconds to leave the rest of the field, including Meadows in third, trailing in her wake.

The sport's governing body, the IAAF, eventually cleared her to compete earlier this month.

“I've used the word 'saga' and it is something that will taint Caster's name for the rest of her career,” said Meadows.

“I think everyone will always be saying if she runs very, very fast, oh you know.... but the IAAF are there for the interests of Caster and rest of the athletes.

“They said it's fine for Caster to compete and that's the stance they've taken, the rest of the girls should go on with that.

“It will be interesting. I don't know if the other girls will be as gracious as I am.”

That does not seem likely given the reaction of some of the beaten Berlin finalists, and Meadows added: “Even previously with (Kenya's) Pamela Jelimo, all the rest of the girls were looking at Jelimo, wanting to weigh her up, thinking why can this girl be so far ahead of us?

“That's what happens when you're a little bit of a freak of nature just because you're so much in front of the rest of your opponents; athletes are very competitive and they are always going to be quite judgmental.”

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