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Chris stays on Coarse to land all Ireland title after great day's fishing at Ballybay

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Winning catch: Chris Wilson

Winning catch: Chris Wilson

Winning catch: Chris Wilson

Lurgan Coarse Angling Club man Chris Simpson, from Moira, has won the All Ireland Championship in the sport with a 24.750Kgs catch from Bream Rock, White Lake, Ballybay, Co Monaghan.

Eighty nine anglers from the four provinces checked in at Ballybay Wetlands Centre ahead of the five hour match during which six sections were fished from the shores of White Lake, Lough Egish and Lough Sillan.

Different conditions were experienced across the venues with squally weather and bright spells throughout the day.

The shallower waters, although beset by the dreaded pond weed, produced the finest nets of quality fish with Bream Rock on White Lake fishing particularly well, delivering the top five weights on the day.

Chris Simpson, sponsored by MAP Fishing, was well rewarded for his efforts at clearing his swim from weed and his decision to fish the feeder paid off with a 24.750Kgs winning bag of quality hybrids and a specimen bream.

Runner-up Gary Drew of Enniskillen was beside Chris at Bream Rock where his end peg produced 23.180Kgs; third was Neil Mazurek; fourth, Tony Green and Cathal Hughes completed the top five.

The third round of the Lurgan club's Angler of the Year series took place at Loughgall Country Park where fishing proved to be tricky as the small roach were not feeding positively. Top man on the day was Philip Jackson who weighed in a brilliant weight of 6.500Kgs. Second was Stevie Wright, 2.625Kgs; third, Sean Donnelly, 2.525Kgs; fourth, Johnny McKinley, 2.350Kgs and fifth was Johnny Keith with 2.275Kgs.

Banbridge Angling Club competitions resumed after a summer break with seniors fishing for the Woods McClory Cup and juveniles fishing for the Barlow Shield with fishing from 4.00pm to 10pm.

The match was hard going with some anglers blanking and a lot of hooked fish were lost with Adam Swindell losing a brace of trout at his net during the juvenile competition and unfortunately none of the juveniles caught fish.

The senior competition was much the same although some trout were landed late in the evening. Paul McKinstry took the honours with a fish of 3.9lbs; second was Keith Gibson with one at 3.5lbs and third was Sam Grant with a trout of 3.06lbs.

After a sluggish few fishing weeks, Lough Sheelin has suddenly moved up a few gears with the help of fresh water and good cloud cover.

On some days, there was great fishing, from mid morning to late afternoon with trout moving to Brown Daddies, Silver Daddies, Silver Dabblers, Silver Humungus and Silver Invictas. The success of the silver is indicative of the trout still chasing the fry.

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