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City council hands over £10k to aid future stars

By Jim Gracey

Belfast City Council is investing £10,000 in the future of sport in Northern Ireland by supporting the Regional Development Squads in 10 different sports.

The sports applied for funding to aid development of youth squads which are formed from potential stars in each sport.

Among the squads receiving a boost of £1,000 each are athletics, basketball, gymnastics, cricket, GAA/Handball, hockey, netball, table tennis, volleyball and tennis.

Congratulating the successful sports, Mayor Niall Ó Donnghaile, said: “Succeeding in sport requires investment and commitment in terms of time and training not just for those hoping to reach the top but for coaches as well.

“We have a history of great sports people from Belfast all of whom create pride in our city so Belfast City Council is happy to invest particularly in our sports stars of the future.

“I wish them all well and hope the money will boost their success and interest in their own individual sports.”

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