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Corkhill and Eadie earn a shot at world pairs prize


David Corkill

David Corkill

David Corkill

David Corkill's television commitments guarantees him a trip to the World Indoor Pairs in January, but he'll have visions of lifting the title after winning the PBA qualifier at the Baker Stadium yesterday.

The Ireland international, now the sport's top TV pundit, teamed up with Chris Eadie to book their slot at Potters Leisure Resort after defeating Gary Kelly and Graham McKee on a tie-break in an epic final.

Kelly will also be making the journey to England because he won the singles qualifier on Saturday night. Corkill is relishing the prospect of featuring on the portable rink once more.

"I'm sure I'll take a bit of stick," he laughed. "If I make it through to the televised stages, it could cause problems. Seriously, it's always a privilege to play at Potters and I'm thrilled for Chris."

World singles qualifier: Quarter-finals: M McPeak (BIBC) lost to S Coleman (CAIBC) 7-6, 2-8, 1-2; P Campbell (BIBC) lost to J McCullough (BIBC) 6-3, 5-6, 1-2; S Martin (BIBC) beat A Kyle 5-4, 5-8, 2-0; I McClure (BCIBC) lost to G Kelly (BCIBC) 4-6, 2-8; Semi-finals: Coleman beat McCullough 7-6, 8-3; Martin lost to Kelly 2-5, 8-6, 0-2. Final: Coleman lost to Kelly 3-7, 0-9.

World pairs qualifier: Quarter-finals: S Jess (BIBC), A Kyle (CAIBC) lost to D Corkill, C Eadie (BIBC) 2-8, 4-6; S Coleman, A Coleman (CAIBC) w/o I McClure, D Smith (BCIBC); B Kane, A Kennedy (BCIBC) bt R Battersby, J McCullough (BIBC) 6-6, 5-5, 2-1; S Kirkwood, N Mulholland (BIBC) lost to G Kelly (BCIBC), G McKee (CAIBC) 5-6, 4-8; Semi-finals: Corkill, Eadie bt Coleman, Coleman 5-4, 9-5; Kane, Kennedy lost to Kelly, McKee 4-9, 2-8; Final: Corkill, Eadie bt Kelly, McKee 8-0, 0-11, 2-1.

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