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Forget trainers, I inspire myself: Chris Eubank jnr

By Guy Aspin

Chris Eubank jnr insists he will train himself for his fight with IBO super-middleweight champion Renold Quinlan. The 27-year-old returns against Australia's little-known Quinlan in London on February 4 after an eight-month absence, when ITV Box Office is launched for the first time.

After completing rehab on an elbow injury and fighting for the first time at 168lb, on a new platform under a new promoter, Richard Poxon, his February date feels like a fresh start, but there will be no new trainer.

His only professional defeat, by Billy Joe Saunders in 2014, came when long-term assistant Ronnie Davies was given little authority. He has also since undergone trial periods with the respected Adam Booth and Maximo Pierret.

The combination of each suggested Eubank jnr was not entirely satisfied with the direction he was being given, but he is adamant he does not need a trainer.

"Ronnie (Davies) doesn't train me, but he's an old dog now, he can't hold the pads any more," he said. "I have a pad man, Anthony Brown; he has been with me since my amateur days and we gel well together.

"The rest I do myself; I don't need somebody to push me or tell me what to do. Ronnie will put the sparring together, but I know what to do now after years of training.

"There is no one telling me that I have to do this many rounds on the bag, skip for this long, run this far. That is all set by me because I know myself.

"Some fighters need to be told. I am not the type of guy who needs that. I will push myself as far as I can without having some one watching me and saying that I need one more round.

"I am the fighter who will say I want to do one more round even when I am knackered.

"Maybe (later) in 2017 we will take a different avenue; there are more options for us."

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