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In Pictures: Lingerie Football stars pose for portrait shots as league cancels 2012 season

The US Lingerie Football League has abandoned its 2012 season as the sport looks to improve its popularity abroad.

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The league is planning to expand into Canada this year and is set to go on tour - starting in Mexico City next month followed by games in Brisbane and Sydney, Australia in June.

The sport will resume in the US in April 2013, allowing it to follow a spring/summer schedule. The three-year-old league has previously held a 'Lingerie Superbowl' game to coincide with the NFL Superbowl which is traditionally played in January.

The Lingerie Football League consists of all-female, seven-member teams playing in lingerie and football pads.

There were 11 US cities to have teams last year — Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Green Bay, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Orlando, Philadelphia, Seattle and Tampa.

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