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Ireland new boys are the highlight for boss Jim Baker

By David Mason

Ireland manager Jim Baker doffed his cap to his battling team after yet another impressive performance in the 2015 Home International Championship at Eddlewood Bowls Club.

Following an epic win over Wales and a narrow defeat to England, the Irish ended their campaign with another agonising loss to Scotland.

Baker had nothing but praise for his troops.

"We approached this Series with five new boys, who have progressed through the Under-18 and Under-25 system," he said. "We lost a lot of experience with the retirement of players like Mark McPeak, Neil Booth and Noel Graham.

"So this was a rebuilding process. But I must say the new boys acquitted themselves brilliantly.

"We got off to a great start with that unbelievable win over Wales. Unfortunately, we just couldn't reach the same level. In our final game, we matched Scotland. We duly lost it over the final ends."

The Irish rink, skipped by Brian McAlary, which included Aaron Tennant, Gary McCloy and Mark Wilson, had an outstanding two days. They finished in style with a thumping 21-14 success against Scotland's David Peacock. Irish skipper Ian McClure also ended on a winning note, scoring 23-12 victory over Colin Walker.

Results: Wales 110 Ireland 111: (J Tomlinson I 18 McClure 15, M Wyatt 19 A Kyle 21, R Weale 19 G Kelly 15, J Greenslade 21 R Hastings 24, S Harris 13 B McAlary 25, K James 20 C Craig 11).

England 113 Scotland 107: (R Newman 19 C Walker 16, D Bolt 32 D Oliver 13, S Farish 10 N Spiers 30, J Walker 20 G Logan 16, R Catton 17 D Peacock 11, S Tolchard 15 I McLean 21).

Wales 113 Scotland 125: (S Harris 20 D Peacock 18, K James 19 I McLean 23, J Tomlinson 13 C Walker 29, M Wyatt 19 D Oliver 23, R Weale 26 N Spiers 18, J Greenslade 16 G Logan 14).

Ireland 101 England 127: (B McAlary 20 R Catton 20, C Craig 12 S Tolchard 26, I McClure 16 R Newman 20, A Kyle 22 D Bolt 20, G Kelly 22 S Farish 18, R Hastings 9 J Walker 23).

Wales 99 England 133: (R Weale 11 S Farish 22, J Greenslade 16 J Walker 28, S Harris 21 R Catton 16, K James 10 S Tolchard 25, J Tomlinson 17 R Newman 24, M Wyatt 24 D Bolt 18).

Scotland 116 Ireland 103: (N Spiers 20 G Kelly 18, G Logan 25 R Hastings 11, D Peacock 14 B McAlary 21, I McLean 19 C Craig 16, C Walker 12 I McClure 23, D Oliver 26 A Kyle 14).

Final placings: 1 England 6pts; 2 Scotland 4pts; 3 Ireland 2pts; 4 Wales 0pts.

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