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Ireland's call for anglers to compete on world stage

By Vic Thomas

The National Coarse Fishing Federation of Ireland is offering lure anglers the opportunity to compete on the world stage at the 15th FIPS-ed World Championship Shore Angling with Lures on the River Noce in Italy in June.

Anglers interested in selection for Predator Team Ireland are invited to attend a series of qualifiers on the River Cusher, Co Armagh, over the weekends of 4/5 and 11/12 of March.

On each day anglers will fish mainly for trout, pike and perch, and will receive points based on the number of fish caught in each of the sessions.

Points will then be awarded by position in each of the sessions and the four anglers with the least points at the end of the four days will be selected for the team. Two more team members will be selected by the Predator Manager later on to act as Captain and Delegate/Bank Runner.

The entry fee is £20 (€25) per angler per day with the fees being assigned to the traveling team who will also receive funding from the NCFFI.

To compete anglers must provide a steward, one between two anglers is the minimum. Non competing anglers are welcome to assist on the day.

Entry is open to members of NCFFI affiliated clubs and anglers have the option to sign up to the Predator Club prior to the day. Qualification and competition rules can be found at

To register interest, mail

Meanwhile, a good rise in temperatures made a difference to this week's catches at the Craigmore Fishery, Randalstown, with several trout tempted by Griffith Gnats patterns on the surface.

Peter Alexander certainly bagged up, landing a whopping 55 trout on Blobs, and Stephen Hooper hooked around 40 fish on lures, landing 25 of them. Included in his catch was a super rainbow of 9lb 1oz.

Stephen Best grassed 35 fish casting damsels during a couple of visits; Robert Paul landed two dozen to almost 9lbs on Spiders, Cats Whiskers and damsels; and Albert Jones grassed 20 fish to 4lbs on size 14 and 16 nymphs.

Jim Magill took 15 on Spiders; Davy Cupples banked 10 on a gold head Pheasant Tail nymph; Alan Strain also caught 10 on lures; and Naill Cromie had 11 on lures.

Stewart Martin and Ivan Leecock both took 14; Ian Leecock bagged a dozen; and Tommy Wharry landed 10 to 4lbs plus on blue damsels.

Billy Hazalett tempted 14 including a tagged fish worth £25 on Spiders and lures; Paul Temple landed a bakers dozen on bloodworm; Kenny Cowan had 14 to over 4lbs on damsels; and Jason Black grassed 17 to 6lbs on nymphs and damsels.

Mark Lyness banked 15 to 5lbs on buzzers and lures; Mark Jones caught 10 to 4lbs plus on bloodworm; and Michael Booth also had 10 on black buzzers.

Rab McCurry bagged a beauty at almost 10lbs on a damsel.

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