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Mark McPeak ready to strike back after world heartbreak

By David Mason

Mark McPeak admits winning the Irish singles title would help erase the memory of his agonising defeat in the world championships at Potters Leisure Resort.

The Belfast man was beaten by a wonder final bowl by England's Mark Royal to end his interest on the blue portable rink.

But McPeak will now use that disappointment to spur him on in the Irish National finals staged at Ballybrakes Community Club over the weekend.

McPeak is one of three players from Watson Stadium to surge into the last four. He will come up against his pal and international colleague Stephen Martin tomorrow afternoon.

"I was happy with my form in the world championships," said McPeak. "The match went to a tie-break, so it was sudden death. I thought I'd won it with my penultimate bowl, but Mark played a beauty to snatch it.

"But it has made me even more determined to do well in the Irish singles. I won the title two years ago and I'd love to get it back. But I've a real battle on my hands."

Reigning champion John McCullough will face County Antrim's Stephen Coleman senior in the other semi-final tie.

AIIB National Championships


Singles: J McCullough (BIBC) v S Coleman sen (CAIBC); M McPeak (BIBC) v S Martin (BIBC).

Under-25 singles: G Kelly (BCIBC) v S Kirkwood (BIBC); R Millar (BIBC) v A Duncan (CAIBC).

Pairs: A Kennedy, B Kane (BCIBC) v P Prunty, P McEwan (BIBC); G McKee, M Nutt (CAIBC) v A Coleman, S Coleman sen (CAIBC).

Triples: S Gibson, J McCullough, M Merritt (BIBC) v A Coleman, S Coleman sen, A Kyle (CAIBC); M McPeak, R Battersby, S Bennett (BIBC) v C Eadie, S Kirkwood, D Nixon (BIBC).

Fours: P Prunty, J McGetterick, R Battersby, P McEwan (BIBC) v B Hughes, C Brogan, W McCaw, G Kelly (BCIBC); S Shields, A Duncan, G McKee, A Kyle (CAIBC) v S Falls, N Robinson, D Smith, I McClure (BCIBC).

Senior fours: RA Coleman, F Anderson, J Caldwell, R McCune (CAIBC) v I Mitchell, M Bunting, M Fay, A Briggs (BIBC); J Green, T Patterson, S Simpson, A Robinson (BIBC) v S Moore, M Beattie, S Hagan, S Elliman (BIBC).

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