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Marty McHugh singled out as he delivers six of the best

By David Mason

Marty McHugh may have created a new chapter in IBA history by winning the national singles title for the sixth time, but the Bowling League of Ireland also wrote themselves into the record books.

They returned to Dublin with the junior singles and triples titles and also for the first time, the Translink Trophy, awarded to the most successful association following a memorable two days at Lodge Road in Coleraine.

It was McHugh who took the high fives and back-slaps following his impressive 21-14 victory over Dunbarton's Peter Convery in the singles final to give him the title for an astonishing sixth time - a record that will probably never be matched.

"I've had a great run in the singles over the past, since winning the title for the first time back in 2003," he said. "I can now look forward to next season's British Isles Championships.

But it was also a job well done by the Bowling League of Ireland. Young Andy O'Keeffe defeated Mossley's Ryan Bell (21-19) to win the Junior singles title, while his colleagues, Gareth Pierpoint, Eamon Carruth and Robbie Maher lifted the triples.

Results, IBA National Championships

Semi finals, Open singles: D Kenny (Aer Lingus) 8 M McHugh (Whitehead) 21; P Convery (Dunbarton) 21 N McCaw (Ballymoney) 11. Final: McHugh 21 Convery 14.

Junior singles: R Bell (Mossley) 21 D O'Kane (Letterkenny) 15; A O'Keeffe (St James's Gate) 21 S Jess (Lisnagarvey) 9. Final: Bell 19 O'Keeffe 21.

Youth singles: P Ward (St James's Gate) 21 R Ruddock (Whitehead) 8; A McKeown (Mossley) 20 S Martin (Ballymoney) 21. Final: Ward 13 Martin 21.

Pairs: A O'Keeffe, N Smyth (St James's Gate) 9 P Daly, S Martin (Belmont) 24; R Kane, B Kane (Dunluce) 21 B Power, G McGleave (Divis) 16. Final: Martin 17 Kane 22.

Triples: S Shields, G Wilson, A Morrison (Ballymena) 13 G Pierpoint, E Carruth, R Maher (St James's Gate) 17; J Shepherd, C Hogg, M Wilson (Cookstown) 13 A Corrigan, M Sproule, R McMullan (Portadown) 9. Final: Maher 14 Wilson 13.

Fours: A Tennant, A Walker, A Paul, G Kelly (Ballymoney) 15 M Hastings, T Cannavan, G McKee, R Hastings (Bangor) 19; WJ Scott, N McNally, B Trimble, N Booth (Old Bleach) 12 P Coffey, D Edwards, J Leonard, R Maher (St James's Gate) 21. Final: Hastings 16 Maher 15.

Senior Fours: N Roche, A McMillen, R Meany, P Smyth (Leinster) 17 JR Nicholl, R Coleman, J Hodges, R Torrington (Ballymena) 21; R Aspinall, T Allen, D Mitchell, N Glasgow (Cookstown) 11 D Tumilty, P O'Keefe, E McCourt, I Gallagher (Banbridge) 19. Final: Torrington 27 Gallagher 13.

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