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McPeak is keeping his hat-trick bid in check

By David Mason

Mark McPeak will have his sights set on a singles hat-trick in the Private Greens League Championships later this month.

The Belmont player has again roared into the semi-finals of the tournament – he will face Brian Trimble of Old Bleach at Fruithill Park on July 28.

McPeak is a past master in the singles discipline, having hoisted the title for the first time back in 2005.

He repeated the feat five years later in 2010 and now only Trimble stands between the Irish international and another appearance in a final.

"I am thrilled to be in the semis again," he said.

"I've had a really tough passage so far, having been drawn against my Belmont team-mate Stuart Bennett and then Andy Duncan from Ballymena along the way.

"Thankfully, I've managed to survive a few difficult games. I'll certainly not be thinking of the final because I face another tough contest in the semis. I'll need to be at my best."

In the other semi-final, Ballymena's Andy Morrison will clash with Darren Witherspoon, from Larne.

Meanwhile, Old Bleach's Kirkwood brothers, who joined the Randalstown club from Hilden at the beginning of the season, will go on a medal mission in the Youth and Under-25 singles and pairs.

Stephen Kirkwood will face his team colleague Sam Barkley in the Under-25 singles, while he will line out against Dunbarton's Sean Breen in the junior singles.

Private Greens League Championships draw:

Open singles: B Trimble (Old Bleach) v M McPeak (Belmont); A Morrison (Ballymena) v D Witherspoon (Larne).

Under-18 singles: S Breen (Dunbarton) v S Kirkwood (Old Bleach); R Cavan (Pickie) v J Millar (Old Bleach).

Under-25 singles: T Crawford (Belmont) v S Shields (Ballymena), S Barkley (Old Bleach) v S Kirkwood (Old Bleach).

Pairs: R Torrington, M Torrington (Ballymena) v C McCartan, DJ Wilson (Dunbarton); S Barkley, R Kirkwood (Old Bleach) v G McElroy, C Mulholland (Dunbarton).

Triples: P Robinson (Larne) v M Caughey (Pickie); A Hughes (Dunbarton) v J Millar (Old Bleach).

Fours: P McVeigh (Falls) v B Johnston (Ulster Transport; M Nutt (Old Bleach) v M Greenfield (Dunbarton).

Senior fours: R Horner (Belmont) v D McCloskey (Knock); J Hodges (Ballymena) v D Snoddy (Larne).

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