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McPeak takes defeat on the chin


Off form: Mark McPeak suffered a heavy defeat in Perth

Off form: Mark McPeak suffered a heavy defeat in Perth

Off form: Mark McPeak suffered a heavy defeat in Perth

Belfast's Mark McPeak admitted he had 'no complaints' after crashing out of the the Co-operative Funeralcare Scottish International Open at the Dewars Centre, Perth.

The Irish international slumped to a disappointing straight sets defeat to England ace Greg Harlow, who will now face Scottish qualifier Graeme Sloan in the quarter -finals.

"I just never got into the game," said McPeak, who went down 10-5, 10-2.

"I dropped two counts of four in the first set and that did little to help my confidence. Greg played all the big shots . . . he is highly experienced at this level and I just struggled to make an impact. I never got anywhere near the form I showed in the opening match, which was disappointing."

Meanwhile, manager Artie Rice is demanding the 'same again' as Ireland defend the British Isles Short Mat Championship at Coleraine Leisure Centre today.

The Irish have an impeccable record in the tournament, failing to parade the trophy on only five occasions since the inaugural year back in 1986.

"We want to keep our good run going, especially in front of our home supporters," said Rice.

Ireland: Rink one: P Beattie (Armagh), M Wilson (Mid Ulster), J Wilson (West Down), C McHugh (Mid Ulster). Rink two: G Stubbs (Lisburn), D Morrison (Mid Antrim), R O'Neill (North West), R Stubbs (Lisburn). Rink three: l Hamilton (Foyle), PJ McCrossan (Mid Tyrone), E Curran (Donegal), K Conroy (Oriel). Rink four: M Beattie (Foyle), L Harrison (North West), A Paul (Mid Ulster), J Quinn (Donegal).

British Isles representatives: Singles: R Stubbs (Lisburn). Pairs: D Coulter, S McKinley (East Antrim). Triples: D Crawford, E Curran, J Quinn (Donegal). Fours: S McMath, T Mullan, B Kane, U McKeeman (North Eastern).

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