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My snooker Shoot-Out will bring in fans: Hearn

Snooker chief Barry Hearn believes the sport's close cousin of Twenty20 cricket could upset purists but bring a new generation of fans to the sport.

Hearn yesterday confirmed a one-frame knock-out event will take place in January next year, titled the World Snooker Shoot-Out.

The three-day tournament will feature the world's top 64 players, who will all be subject to a 20-second shot clock and frames lasting a maximum of 12 minutes. There will also be a random draw, which could see top players paired together in the early rounds.

“It will be snooker at full throttle, testing the players to the limits of what they can do under pressure,” said World Snooker chairman Hearn.

“This is among the most exciting ideas I've had since coming back into snooker and I can't wait to see it realised.”

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