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North West are up for the cup

North West flashed out a Boomer Cup warning with their demolition job on West Down in round two of the IIBA's Men's Inter-zone championship at Loughbrickland.

The visitors stormed to an impressive 22 shots victory to set up a home quarter-final meeting with Monaghan on January 11.

It was Brian Rankin's runaway 18-7 first-half win over John Martin that put North West firmly in the driving seat.

North West claimed three second-half wins through Leigh Harrison, Keith McCullagh and Ryan O'Neill.

"On this form, I would fancy North West to go all the way to the final," suggested West Down's Harold Massey.

At Ballybrakes Community Stadium, Barry Kane and Alistair Kennedy won through to the AIIB National Pairs semi-finals at Watson Stadium on January 17.

Results: IIBA Men's Inter-zone, second round: Oriel 118 N Belfast 30, Lisburn 51 Mid Tyrone 46, Mid Antrim 41 Mid Ulster 55, Western 53 Northern 47, S Tyrone 49 Foyle 58, Mid Down 43 N Eastern 46, W Down 47 N West 69, Cork 50 Monaghan 54. Quarter finals: Oriel v Lisburn, Mid Ulster v Western, Foyle v N Eastern, N West v Monaghan.

IIBA Men's Shield: Armagh 64 N Down 47, S&E Belfast 35 Donegal 75, E Antrim 47 Larne 58, S Down 69 Meath 51. Second round: Armagh v Donegal, Larne v S Down, S Tyrone v Mid Down, W Down v Cork.

AIIB National pairs qualifier: B Hughes, W McCaw (BCIBC) w/o R Millar, K Matchett (BIBC); I Craig, N Mulholland (BIBC) 5 R Coleman, M Nutt (CAIBC) 20; A Neill, M Martin (BIBC) 4 J Frazer, M Merritt (BIBC) 22; P Prunty, P McEwan (BIBC) 6 R Allen, S Colvin (BCIBC) 17; JR Nicholl, J Hodges (CAIBC) 6 S Martin, J McCullough (BIBC) 20; F Murdock, J Kerr (BIBC) 17 T Robinson, A Kyle (CAIBC) 6; A Coleman, S Coleman, sen 13 A Kennedy, B Kane (BCIBC) 20; S Falls, N Robinson (BCIBC) 10 M McPeak, S Bennett (BIBC) 9. Quarter finals: McCaw 16 Nutt 4, Merritt 17 Colvin 16, Martin 20 Kerr 6, Kane 16 Robinson 15. Semi finals: McCaw v Merritt, Martin v Kane.

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