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Rod and line: Call to catch and kill rainbow trout in rivers

By Vic Thomas

The Loughs Agency have become increasingly aware that rainbow trout have appeared in both the Faughan and Derg rivers.

While, the agency encourages anglers to practice catch and release methods, in the case of these rainbows, they would be grateful if anglers could do the following: remove and kill all rainbow trout caught; note the time, date and place of capture; and, if possible, leave the trout caught into the Loughs Agency Headquarters, Prehen or contact a fishery officer and ask them to transport these samples to Prehen for further evaluation and analysis.

Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and brown trout (Salmo trutta) are of the same family (the Salmonidae) but are different species. They have the same ancestors but divided into two groups around 15-20 million years ago.

Oncorhynchus became isolated in the North Pacific and Salmo in the North Atlantic.

Rainbow trout can have a pink stripe running down either side however they are often muted in colour and sometimes appear more silver than pink.

Rainbows do not have leading white edges on their pectoral, pelvic, and anal fins and they do not have light coloured halos around the dots on their sides.

When their pink colour is muted, they often display a faint pattern of diamonds adjacent to each other down each side of their body.

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Top rod was Derek Burns with a terrific bag of 17 trout just ahead of Roy Mulligan with 16 fish.

In perfect conditions at Murloc last weekend, Billy Wyllie landed 22 trout on a Black Gnat and CDC!

Craigmore Fishery, Randalstown also held an all-nighter with Malcolm Reegan grassing the top catch of 29 rainbows on Montana's and Buzzers!

Billy Air beat his personal best, landing 25 trout to over 5lbs on Buzzers and Sandy Dorien landed 26 on the Weed. Thomas Taylor banked an amazing 37 fish on two visits mostly on Shipmans and lures;

Anglers casting Klinkhammers, Sedge and Muddlers just cannot go wrong at the moment at the Cashel Fishery, Dungiven! Declan McAteer and Calvin O'Kane from Claudy, landed a dozen fish, keeping four for 7lb 11ozs.

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