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Rogan fighting his way back to big time

By David Kelly

Martin Rogan will take on Luis Andres Pineda for the vacant WBU heavyweight title on October 27 at the Odyssey Arena.

After all the talk about a possible clash with British and Commonwealth champion Tyson Fury, Rogan has negotiated himself a title fight in which he will start as a red hot favourite.

Pineda has lost six out of his last eight fights and holds a record of 22 wins, 10 defeats and one draw having campaigned largely at cruiserweight.

Though, the 37-year-old Panamanian probably had one of his better performances in one of those losses, when defeated by Uzbekistan’s fringe contender Timur Ibragimov last October in their North American heavyweight title fight.

Gutsy 40-year-old Rogan, who turned down a showdown with Tyson Fury on September 17 at the King’s Hall, is hoping he can revive his career with victory over Pineda and subsequent defences of the title, which has been vacant for some time along with many of the other WBU belts.

Rogan, who gatecrashed Tyson Fury’s Press conference recently, said: “Two months I have been working on this and it’s been a challenge to myself outside of the ring, to seek and find something special for my beautiful city of Belfast and I’ve done that.

“I love my city and I want to do more for my city. As a fighter I just want to do my best to help all fighters and all promoters.

“The WBU chose me to revive this belt, to bring this belt out of the dark and into the light. It is a World title belt, I don’t make the belts, I just fight for them. This massive for Belfast, massive in every way.

“I’m hoping it will lead to one of the other belts. There’s a history with the belt. Hasim Rahman gave it up to fight Lennox Lewis and George Foreman held it.”

As for Pineda, Rogan admits that he knows very little about him but is confident that he will claim the lightly regarded WBU belt.

He added: “Pineda is a very educated and experienced fighter compared to my record. I haven’t seen any footage of him but I never saw much of many the fighters I fought, ie Audley Harrison and Matt Skelton, I just knew I was going to beat them anyway so it doesn’t matter.

“Pineda has known about this for three weeks and from now he’s going to have another 10 weeks so that’s the right amount of time to get ready for a fight.

“Whenever you’re doing a 12-round fight you can only do it two or three times a year. “

Regarding Fury, Rogan seems to have put that to one side as he focuses on Pineda and his work with new coach Bernardo Checa.

“My style has always been I’ll hit you as many times as I can before you drop and if you don’t I’ll hit you some more.

“Bernardo is keeping the anger, the fighter in me but bringing out of me what I felt has always been there and that’s a lot of skill. He’s surprised me the things that he has brought out of me in a couple of weeks.

“For a long time I was using my face as barrier.

“I’ve also brought in a strength and conditioner for the first time. You’re going to see a different guy altogether.”

“I worked tirelessly to deliver this for the me and for the fans as well, for those who have followed me and as much I deserve it they deserve it.”

An announcement on the supporting bill is expected shortly.

“All the fighters in the city are welcome,” he added.

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