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Ronnie McKeown has found the key to success

By Robert Fenton

Trainer Ronnie McKeown holds the key to tonight's A3 final over 525 at Drumbo Park with his pup Ballydoyle Key, owned by wife Marina.

The black son of Kinloch Brae put in a very fetching display in winning his semi-final by an easy nine lengths from Roshure Paul in a brilliant 28.90.

A repeat of that would be more than good enough to account for Memyselfandi, the other semi-final winner.

Darfin Dancer is a top class sprinter when putting it all together and the Daryl McLaughlin Crossgar-based dog can take the measure of some solid opponents, including Lacken Jacksie who was a head in front of Dancer in August.

Drumbo Park

Programme for tonight at 8.02pm

335: Start To Score, Curryhills Super, Drumna Satin, Go Time, Santro Jo, Newby Slippy

335: Bo Time, Drumna Velvet, Ballycraigy Hi, Jaxx On Sally, Carwood Rizzini, Morgana Lass

335: Oh Sombrero, Ferryforth Brian, Becauseyourmine, Winword Hothead, Scolari Wonder, Aloha Rihanna

525: Gurtnacrehy Duty, Sincere Star, Blissful Pudsy, Belgrave Jamie, Kingsmill Rise, Obadiah

335: Belgrave Jai, Laughing Legend, Shaws Blaze, High Scope, Shinrone Pops, Hutchings Boy

335: Usain, Random Reward, Obby Bray, Nothistime, McCarthys Dooey, Sallybog Wish

335: Run Davey Run, Ballycraigy Lil, Pats Brae, Bells Ringing, Indian Begger, Aloha Honey

525: Greenhill Star, Miss Regal, Memyselfandi, Dubh Ciuin, Roshure Paul, Ballydoyle Key

335: Blue Obama, Folkanballadsong, Lacken Jacksie, Darfin Dancer, Jascor, Taepot Hill

525: Kirkmoyle Jet, Dove River, Bodens Paradise, Lymetree Beauty, Cowslilp, Iceman Frank

Last night's results

335: CABRAGH FOX (4-5f) 1; Moves Like Molli (6-4) 2. 18.36. 0.75L.

525: OURLAD PAT (5-2) 1; Alanas Mint (4-5f) 2. 29.14. 4L.

335: GREGVILLE (2-1jf) 1; Fizzypop Flyer (2-1jf) 2. 18.55. 1L.

525: SLEEPY BLACKIE (2-1cf) 1; Dance Carla (7-2) 2. 29.46. 1L.


Programme for tonight at 7.50pm

525: Clever Clue, Holy Bound, Skryne Mac, Maytown Mover, Newcastle Lad, Sarahs Wee Dee

400: Knight Ofdesmond, Maytown Flavour, Tober Scolari, Pegaskin Rocket, Knappagh Queen, Noifsorbuts

400: Drumbee Shadow, Unsociable Lad, Glow Dubh, Quintessential, Newrow Joe, Newdown Charlie,

525: Barefoot Charmer, Not Laura, Bit View Matilda, Pocket Girl, Rosmon Rock, Lakeshore Lad

525: Ballymac Trick, Killeavy Bound, Rosmon Sophie, Ballybrazil Hill, Creive Tiger, Act The Lark

525: Spudzontherun, Quarterland Tune, Kilree Dolly, Ballygree Krank, Black Economy, Regards To Laura

525: Bleu Paradise, Make Up, Button Jo, Falcon Meridus, Sad Sam, Jillys Girl

550: Darver King, Quarterland Tico, Grenanstown Mac, Masters Hill, Kernon Bluebell, Deja Dancer

525: Pats Baby, Theodolite, Kilcurra Brasso, B' B' Mars, M'land, Another Choice

525: Courtlough Katie, Quarterland Ella, Sad Bean, Millview See, Ni Dar, Maytown Rules


Programme for tonight at 8.02pm

525: Ross Minnie, Kilgrogan Theft, Cant Change It, Thunder Castle, Millview Fox, Bab Ron Roopy

350: Cherrypark Gem, Imperial Robin, Blackstone Hugh, Tydon Marquis, Ballybun Oshea, Fridays Berlin

350: Blue Comet, Altmore Rose, Swanson Rosette, Tough Hero, Ardnasool Kagawa, Lovely Myles

525: Flagfield Indi, Maybe Ted, Counterfit, Shanmoyle Legend, Do It Boy, Gortkelly Turbo

600: Skater Amy, Orlando Lorna, Hi Beak, Edels Ace, Canvas Picasso, Pumps't Ciara

550: Hather Two Bake, Corrin Gooch, Belindas Cruise, Farloe Lulu, Smurfing Convoy, Tahina Kyle

575: Hanoras Dream, Spotty Totty, He Tells Lies, Whiterock Diva, Storm Warrior, Drumsna Canyon

350: Tahina Kadyn, Mizen Magic, Helens Champ, Nobodys Baby, Lisnastrane Dude, Blackhall Hero

350: Tahina Sabrina, Tyrgal Charlie, Coldwater Aoife, Ross Jack, Mottos Impact, Falcon Meridus

525: Flagfield Band, Smurfing Manx, Imperial Falcon, Hather For Luck, Battle Born, Mullrook Dabhoyo

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