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Rory McIlroy and Dame Mary get Eoghan on fast track back to the ring

By Jim Gracey

Promising young boxer Eoghan Quinn has become the first beneficiary of a fast track injury treatment initiative set up in a partnership between the Mary Peters Trust and Rory Foundation.

Rory McIlroy personally endorsed the required funding through his Foundation to enable Dame Mary Peters to offer immediate injury assistance to young sportsmen and women supported by her Trust.

Now 14-year-old Eoghan, from Swatragh in Co Derry, will be back in the ring sooner than expected for a major tournament after a referral to the Ulster Independent Clinic in Belfast.

Last month, Eoghan was sparring in preparation for a national boxing tournament when he hurt a hand and was taken to casualty.

Eoghan was put in a cast and told he would be put into a system to assess the damage and treatment required. At first it was thought he would be in a cast for eight weeks, meaning he would miss the tournament.

However, his mum Cecilia remembered Dr Andrew Crone, a Trustee of the Rory Foundation, speaking at the announcement late last year about how the Foundation would be supporting the Mary Peters Trust to aid injured competitors linked to the Trust and put in a call to Dame Mary's office.

"Eoghan was not only upset that he had injured his hand but also the fact he might have had to wear a cast for eight weeks and miss his boxing tournament," said Cecilia.

"I had remembered the Rory Foundation being present at the Trust sports bursaries awards in October and knew they could help us so I called and two days later Eoghan met a consultant in the Ulster Independent Clinic. Thanks to all parties involved, Eoghan will have the cast removed and a rehab of four weeks."

Eilish Rutherford, Chair of the Mary Peters Trust, commented: "It's unfortunate that athletes get injured but we are delighted to be able to offer a new branch of support.

"This quicker diagnosis means a quicker solution and it's great that Eoghan is able to compete in his tournament next month. It's a very positive outcome."

On behalf of the Rory Foundation, Chief Executive Barry Funston added: "I'm delighted we can support this wonderful initiative with the Mary Peters Trust.

"It's tough on any athlete if they're forced to withdraw from their sport but outcomes like this really make it all worthwhile."

Eoghan will now be fit to take part in the national boxing tournament next month and explained: "I've missed a school ski trip in order to recover properly but I'm delighted to be able to take part in the tournament in March."

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