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Roy McCune's a happy man as Paul Prunty pitches in

David Mason

Ireland manager Roy McCune has hailed the inclusion of Paul Prunty in the team to contest the 2014 Home International Series at Stanley Indoor Bowls Club in March.

The Belfast man is the only new face on board, while Antrim's Graham McKee is recalled.

Irish selectors were forced to replace two experienced international skips as Brendan Thompson and Neil Booth opted out of indoor bowls this season. Simon Martin and Gary Kelly have been given the responsibility.

"In many ways, losing Thompson and Booth opened the door for someone else," said McCune.

"Kelly has skipped on previous occasions for the international team, but Martin is reverting from lead, which is a big change.

"Both players showed up well in our preparation and, I've no doubt they can be a big success."

McCune stated that new boy Prunty's performances at club level justifies his selection.

"He had fantastic displays in the Inter-Club Series," added McCune. "Paul also performed with a high level of consistency in our trial games, so he is in on merit.

"Graham McKee is back, which is also a bonus. He missed out last season due to a discipline reason. He will certainly be an asset."

The International Series will be held at the County Durham venue from Thursday-Saturday, March 13-15.


Rink one: S Falls (BCIBC), D Smith (BCIBC), J Talbot (CAIBC), I McClure (BCIBC).

Rink two: C Eadie (BIBC), S Gibson (BIBC), G McCloy (BCIBC), C Craig (BIBC).

Rink three: JR Nicholl (CAIBC), A Coleman (CAIBC), J McCullough (BIBC), S Coleman sen (CAIBC).

Rink four: A Kennedy (BCIBC), P McEwan (BIBC), D Corkill (BIBC), G Kelly (BCIBC).

Rink five: P Prunty (BIBC), R Battersby (BIBC), G McKee (CAIBC), S Martin (BIBC).

Rink six: M McPeak (BIBC), S Bennett (BIBC), B Kane (BCIBC), A Kyle (CAIBC).

Reserves: N Mulholland (BIBC), S Shields (CAIBC).

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