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Runner thinks he's Usain Bolt and prematurely celebrates win, then gets overtaken

By Simon Rice

Perhaps Tanguy Pepiot will chide Usain Bolt for setting a bad example, but he had only himself to blame after being pipped to the post because of starting his 'victory' celebrations too early.

Jamaican sprinter Bolt's jubilations prior to reaching the finish line, as he did so memorably in the 100m final at the Beijing Olympics, are as much a trademark of his as his lightning bolt pose. But then he's also the world's fastest man and the greatest sprinter of all time. Pepiot is not - and proved as much during his steeple-chase race at a track meet in Eugene, Oregon.

With a healthy lead and the finish line in site, the University of Oregon runner began to celebrate, geeing on the 3,000 strong crowd lining the finish straight and slowing his pace to milk it all.

But Meron Simon, competing for the University of Washington, was having none of it and powered up behind the grinning Pepiot before overtaking just in time to take the win.

With a look of disbelief on his face, Pepiot rolls through in second before reflecting his despair by collapsing to the track with his hand over his face.

Simon, who could have been forgiven for gloating at Pepiot's stupidity, showed the good grace to console his opponent after the race.

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