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Selectors back Irish youngsters for Indoors bowls


Call-up: Andy Duncan will make his Ireland debut

Call-up: Andy Duncan will make his Ireland debut

Call-up: Andy Duncan will make his Ireland debut

Young guns Scott Jess and Andy Duncan will make their Ireland debut in the British Isles Indoor Home Internationals, at Stanley Bowls Club from March 12-14.

They have been given the thumbs up by the Irish selectors after producing impressive performances and scoring heavily in a series of trial games.

Robert Allen has been recalled to the side, while Darren Atkinson and Mike Merritt, both named as reserves, have also been brought back.

"The team's age average has dropped quite significantly as the selectors' emphasis has been on giving younger players an opportunity at this level," said manager Roy McCune

Jess, Duncan, Atkinson and Allen have all come through the youth system and they now join the likes of Alastair Coleman and Gary Kelly in the senior team.

Barry Kane is skip for the first time. He will have Duncan at third, with Alastair Kennedy and Allen forming the front end.

Jess will play lead for Andy Kyle, who has Stuart Bennett and Neil Mulholland, Northern Ireland's silver medal winner at the Commonwealth Games, at second and third.

"The team has a well balanced look about it," adds McCune. And we have enough ability in this squad to give a good account of ourselves."


Rink one: P Prunty (BIBC), S Gibson (BIBC), G McKee (CAIBC), S Martin (BIBC).

Rink two: S Jess (BIBC), S Bennett (BIBC), N Mulholland (BIBC), A Kyle (CAIBC).

Rink three: A Kennedy (BCIBC), R Allen (BCIBC), A Duncan (CAIBC), B Kane (BCIBC).

Rink four: M McPeak (BIBC), S Falls (BCIBC), D Smith (BCIBC), I McClure (BCIBC).

Rink five: C Eadie (BIBC), P McEwan (BIBC), D Corkill (BIBC), G Kelly (BCIBC).

Rink six: JR Nicholl (CAIBC), A Coleman (CAIBC), J McCullough (BIBC), S Coleman (CAIBC).

Reserves: D Atkinson (BIBC), M Merritt (BIBC).

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