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Six-time Paralympic gold medalist David Weir ready to relive his London glory quest

By Mark Bryans

Six-time Paralympic gold medalist and London 2012 hero David Weir admits he has had to adjust to being recognised in the street – but he has enjoyed the experience following his rise to superstardom last summer.

The 34-year-old collected four gold medals during his home Games last year and will return to the Olympic Stadium on Sunday as part of the Sainsbury's Anniversary Games, where he will compete in a one-mile wheelchair exhibition race.

Weir has been pleased with the reaction to his achievements in 2012 but said the rise to prominence has not changed him personally.

"The recognition of what we achieved and winning x-amount of gold medals and being recognised everywhere I go is a dream come true," he said.

"I have not changed as a person, people just see me as a superstar and that is quite strange when people want pictures and stuff, but it is great because we want recognition for what we did in London."

He will race on Sunday alongside fellow Brit William Smith and other big names from his sport and, although it is only an exhibition event, Weir is setting himself personal targets.

"There is just enjoyment to think I can go out there and do a race I have never done before," he added.

"I have done it in training but never in competition.

"It doesn't matter what race it is I still want to be competitive.

"It is a one-off event and I will try and get a time as fast as I can for the mile, I don't think there is a record for it at the moment so it would be good to go and get it.

"But it is just going to be great to go and race in the stadium where I had that success last year and please the crowd."

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