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Sloan is making a big splash thanks to his new regime

By David Kelly

Jordan Sloan feels he has finally found out how to get the best out of himself and the results seem to be backing that up.

Sloan's performances seemed to have plateaued about 18 months ago but in the period since then he has turned that around, including a rare victory for an Ulster swimmer at the British University Championships last weekend in the 200m freestyle (right).

The 23-year-old Bangor man, whose time at the Irish Championships before Christmas would have placed him in the World Championships a week earlier, now has his sights on making his mark on the international stage.

"This summer I should be going to the World University Championships and from the summer onwards is the window for qualifying for the Commonwealth Games next year. That's my main goal," said Sloan, a Queen's University student.

"I was at the last Commonwealth Games but I think realistically I was not ready for it even though I made a couple of semi-finals. Hopefully I can be on the plane and if I am then I want to be in a final.

"I will need to keep producing the performances but I feel that I can and that I am getting better. I'm certainly a lot fitter and stronger. My work in the gym has helped me a lot - I'm probably a late developer but the way the sport is now people are not hitting their peak until their mid to late 20s."

Sloan also points to the influence of Bangor coach Paul Dennis who returned to the club just under three years ago - as well as keeping his taste for junk food on hold.

"There was a time when I didn't enjoy training, I've always enjoyed racing and still do and I would relish taking on some of the best in the World at the Commonwealth Games. Paul Dennis has definitely helped me, he's quite laid back and he makes it clear that it's up to me how much I want it.

"He has been in Australia and worked at the top level over there so he has brought in some new ideas to the club and I don't think it's a coincidence that my performances have improved.

"I'm enjoying my swimming and I have goals so I'm giving it everything, even staying away from my favourite ice cream and McDonald's breakfast! I have to be very strict with my diet."

Sloan's next target will be the Irish Championships in the National Aquatic Centre in six weeks' time when he will be expecting to strike gold and hit times that suggest he is in for a good summer of competition.

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