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Undeterred Chloe out to clinch elusive British bowls crown

Chloe Watson

Chloe Watson has suffered her fair share of heartache in recent times having lost in the final of the British Isles Championships Under-25 singles in successive years.

The 18-year-old, from Bangor, has been among the medals this season, joining Reece Millar for gold at the British Under-18 Mixed Championships and then winning the WIBC Under-25 women's singles title.

Watson is hoping to maintain the winning momentum when she faces Chloe Wordingham, from England, in the semi-final of this year's British Isles tournament.

"It will be another challenge," she states. "I lost out to Amy Williams in 2013, but got a little revenge last year as I defeated her in the semi finals."

British Isles Championship fixtures, Singles: J Forrest (Scotland) S Seymour (England) v C Watson (Ireland).

Under-25 Singles: C Watson (Ireland) v C Wordingham (England).

Pairs: C Eadie, S Bailie (Ireland) v C Stuart, E Fraser (Scotland).

Triples: C Meneely, A Rainey, SJ Curran (Ireland) v Y Veith, M Thomson, E Brown (Scotland).

Fours: P Penrise, C Davies, C O'Connor, D Molan (Wales) v I Minnis, K Woodside, C Eadie, S Bailie (Ireland).

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