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Biting Back: Everyone wins with live Derby showing

By Frank Brownlow

Television can be a massive benefit to sport - without huge amounts of money changing hands.

The Magners Ulster Derby at Down Royal is a prime example of this.

BBC Northern Ireland are broadcasting live from Down Royal, showing the main race, the Ulster Derby, as well as two others.

It makes for excellent television that appeals to a wide spectrum of potential viewers thanks to the ingredients of top level sport, fashion and celebrities.

And when the football and rugby seasons are taking a back seat, the timing for broadcasters is ideal, not to mention the little boost it gives to the Beeb's thinning portfolio of live sport.

Down Royal do rather well out of it too.

Live coverage will not affect the bumper attendance at the meeting one jot, while Down Royal's sponsors can give themselves a gold star for having the foresight to get on board early and benefit from the reach of terrestrial television.

And the next time sponsorship opportunities arise, how much easier it is going to be to bring businesses on board?

Live television coverage of Down Royal's Ulster Derby meeting... everyone's a winner.

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