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Bookie to battle Jackpot decision


By Robert Fenton

There was no shortage of good racing at Drumbo yesterday and the previous three nights, but the major talking point was not the performance of the dogs, but the payout or lack of it on the Pick 7 Jackpot.

It was won on Saturday night giving the syndicate who lifted a record £22,000 earlier this year a further £5,785.80 and few would begrudge them their luck and skill in picking the winners.

But spare a thought for track bookmaker Joe Connolly who to all intents and purposes won it on Thursday night when it was worth around £5,500.

Going into the last leg, he held four tickets on four different selections and looked a certainty to take the pot as the two non-selections were not given much hope.

Then it all went horribly wrong. As the hare went past the 550 boxes, the traps failed to open. But before the dogs could be taken out, the lids went up and the dogs chased after nothing, resulting in a void race.

The payout was less than £200 after deductions which meant Connolly was only getting back what he had put into the pool that night with the remaining money carried forward.

Connolly, naturally, was not a happy man and is seeking compensation. “I did not accept what was offered and will be taking advice on how to proceed on this.

“I believe I should have had at least a percentage of the pool as I had all four possible winning tickets. I was told that I would still not have won if I'd had all six selections,” he said.

The reason for that, according to management who quoted jackpot rules, is that to win, all legs must be official winners.

The last race to be completed was the penultimate one, leg six, which of course had four winning units which were applied to the amount added to the pool that night minus the carry over from the previous Saturday of around £5,200. Hence the small return which, said a management spokesman, is decided by computer, based on the existing rule and not by any staff individual.

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