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That Frankel’s an absolute stallion

By Luke Blackall

If you think your Valentine’s Day is going to be romantic, it won’t be a patch on Frankel’s.

For 14 February is the day that the unbeaten, champion horse starts a new career as a professional stud. Given his stature in the racing world, those who want to match make him with their horse will have to pay £125,000-a-, er, pop.

 And unlike some, who keep up the Valentine’s spirit for but one day a year, Frankel will be in full “romance” mode, which means entertaining up to three mares a day, for five months, until 14 July.

His Saudi owner Prince Khalid is set to earn up to £200m from stud fees in this eagerly anticipated (not least by his bank manager) move.

But the Prince’s racing manager Lord Grimthorpe, was quick to point out that it wouldn’t just be the prince who gans from this. “The horses will undoubtedly communicate,” he told the Sunday Telegraph. “The other stallions will have told him, ‘It isn’t a bad life, mate’.”

Let’s hope he gets enough rest in beforehand.

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