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The wit and wisdom of Tony McCoy

Some of the champion jockey's top quotes

McCoy on injury

I have somewhere between 800 and 1,000 rides in a year and they say that you fall in about 10 per cent of those so you’re getting somewhere between 60 and 80 falls a year. About six or eight of those are going to be very bad. But it’s not actually painful. Or rather, you’re only in pain for a very short space of time. You’re lying on the ground in agony thinking ‘I want to die’ when up comes the doctor within minutes with the morphine. Provided it’s not a head injury, if you break your arm, your leg, your back, whatever, it’s fine.

McCoy on his fall from Denman

He landed in the middle of the ditch, basically. It’s very disappointing, more so for the owners and the trainer. But I’m still looking forward to the Gold Cup. I’ve been in racing long enough to know that you have highs and lows.

McCoy on his Gold Cup win

When I gave him (Mr Mulligan) a little smack he warmed up and I knew when I let him stride on that he was warming to his task.

McCoy on family life

You might think that with marriage to Chanelle and the arrival of little Eve, fearless detachment would soften. Don’t be silly.

McCoy on racing

You have to enjoy it. If you don't enjoy it, you can't be any good at it and you shouldn't be doing it. It is nothing to do with money. It's about doing it and winning. The horrible thing about it is that it's the intense pleasure of beating everyone else as well. It is actually bad that you get enjoyment out of beating others, especially when they're you're friends, but I wouldn't deny it.

McCoy on supporting Arsenal

When I was a kid, if someone had asked if I could be anyone in the world, it would’ve been (Arsenal player) Liam Brady.

McCoy on dieting

I like my food. So it’s depressing. When I’m injured I eat everything, proper junk. That’s the one thing about being injured so much, I get to treat myself.

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