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Ricky Lee is hoping technology can record top results

By John Flack

Ulster Elks coach Ricky Lee is like a child with a new toy these days and he's hoping that a piece of new technology will help assist him in Saturday's crucial Premier League clash with Pegasus at Upper Malone.

Lee has just got his hands on a new interactive video kit which allows him and his players to view goalmouth action virtually instantaneously during the course of a game.

With hockey having a rolling substitution rule he can impart information and coaching advice speedily to his team, without having to wait until half-time.

A small camera is mounted in each of the goals and the video footage can be viewed on a mobile phone or iPad from the bench.

It's seen as an important tool, particularly for analysing penalty corners which are so important in modern hockey.

"The camera offers a wi-fi connection to a smart phone or tablet that it is paired with and that, in turn, allows the user to control the camera, view live play and also play the footage back instantly," Lee explains.

"In essence, we can view circle action and make in-game decisions accordingly.

"For example, if we have a penalty corner, regardless of its outcome, I can show a player the playback of that set-piece and recommend what the next play should be, based on how the opposition defend, if we win another corner.

"I have also used it for technical coaching points during open play. For example, if a player is at the back post while a cross comes in and she is too upright and misses the ball, I can show her the clip during the game while she is on the bench or at half-time to correct things."

Turning to Saturday's game with the champions, Lee is hoping Megan Frazer can overcome a leg injury she sustained while captaining Ireland against Spain last week.

"Hopefully she will be okay because we missed her on Saturday against Lisnagarvey and I think we might have scored more of our corners had she been able to play," Lee added.

"Obviously we expect a really tough game against Pegasus but, as I have always maintained, it's also important that we don't drop points against the so-called lesser teams as well."

Pegasus lost the corresponding game at Jordanstown 1-0 and, in terms of points dropped, are two worse off than the Elks and four in arrears of leaders Ards.

"We were missing several players in the first game but we'll be at full strength on Saturday and we're hoping to get back on track in the league after a disappointing display in losing to Cork Harlequins in the Irish Cup," explained Pegasus striker Suzanne Ferris.

Pegasus welcome back Ireland forward Vanessa Surgeoner who missed the trip to Cork on Saturday due to holiday commitments.

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