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Carter set for record books

Dan Carter

Dan Carter is set for the latest red-letter day in his glittering Test career this weekend - and it could prove another all black experience for Wales.

Carter will enter international rugby's record books as the most prolific scorer of all-time if he contributes just three points to New Zealand's cause at the Millennium Stadium on Saturday to take his tally beyond the 1178 of Jonny Wilkinson.

"I think he is an amazing rugby player," said Wales skills coach Neil Jenkins, who stands third on the world list behind Wilkinson and 78 times-capped Carter with 1090 points for Wales and the Lions. "He has scored 29 Test tries as well, which is an incredible achievement as a player in general, without being a wing."

He added: "He makes the All Blacks tick. He seems to go through a game unfazed, he doesn't seem to be sweating half the time, he's that good.

"And his kicking speaks for itself. He has scored an incredible number of points.

"To play in the All Blacks side for as long as he has - there are a lot of great players in New Zealand - and for him to be the stand-out player that he is for this amount of time is pretty special.

"I am sure he will look forward to Saturday. Hopefully, he doesn't have too good a day.

"He pretty much kicks everything. He does get a lot of chances, playing in a very good side, but at the end of the day the chances you get you have still got to be able to kick them.

"He's very accurate. He does have off days, as everyone does, and I've seen him miss a few in the past, although he doesn't seem to miss too many against us.

"He's a fantastic all-round rugby player. Not just his goalkicking, I don't think he has got a weakness in his game. If he has, I don't think we know about it at this moment in time."