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Chris Henry: My Ireland legends run-out proves my playing days are behind me now

Chris Henry up against England's Andy Gomarsall last weekend.
Chris Henry up against England's Andy Gomarsall last weekend.
Chris Henry

By Chris Henry

For me, the rugby weekend started a lot better than it finished. Before the big one on Saturday, I (with Andy Gomersall) was part of the legends game at the RDS Arena on Friday night.

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I probably should have expected nothing less from an Ireland v England contest but it was competitive to say the least and boys were taking it seriously. There were some pretty meaty tackles and a few big hand-offs as well. Marcus Horan, for one, scored a try to remember.

It was a great night and the craic afterwards with guys you haven't seen in a while, or in some cases had only seen before playing on TV, is what rugby is about.

Even the English players over were saying that while their hearts were with Eddie Jones' side the next day their heads were saying Ireland for the win.

Little did any of us know... the Guinness tasted a lot better on Friday night than come Saturday evening anyway, I can say that for sure.

Even if the body was a bit sore, it was great to get the boots on again - and even better having Liam Toland there to split the minutes with me so I could catch a breather - but I was left in no doubt that my playing days are behind me now!

Ultimately I'd hope to be spending more time coaching from the sidelines than out on the pitch from here on.

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