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Leinster hungry to hit even more heights, warns hotshot Larmour



High aims: Jordan Larmour is eyeing another double

High aims: Jordan Larmour is eyeing another double


High aims: Jordan Larmour is eyeing another double

Wasps have been well and truly filleted and already Leinster's ravenous eyes have moved on to the big beasts of Toulouse.

Jordan Larmour hasn't been on the beat too long but the winger is nonplussed by the idea that his team did anything special last Friday night. Instead, this was just the team performing and getting a job done.

Indeed, there is a clinical side to the 21-year old that sees the flaws in the display, that yearns for a higher plane of performance.

And if Leinster's European rivals were hoping for some respite from last season's double winners, they'll find cold comfort in Larmour's words.

"There's a lot more in this team, we showed some parts of what we can do on Friday, then other times we were quite vulnerable and we need to sort that out," he said. "Going through the review we picked out little details where we can get better.

"As backs; arranging the forwards quicker, getting into shape quicker, so once the ball's there at the ruck we can play it straight away. There's a lot more in us, and every game we need to keep building and hopefully win the double again.

"We talked last week about not being complacent. Some teams might think that if they won last year, then they're defending the title. We're not thinking that we're defending it, we're thinking we've got to go and win it.

"So I think that helps drive out complacency. We know how hard it is to win it so I think you have to take all your chances.

"I think it's exciting. We know that we have a target on our back and that teams are out to get us. So we're up for every challenge.

"The talent we have in our squad and the leaders we have, it's pretty exciting."

A year ago, Larmour was awaiting his European debut but now he is a regular in blue.

"I started off better than last season," he reflected. "But I feel that there's a lot more in me."

Ominous words for rivals.

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