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Fury at online scramble as Rugby World Cup tickets sell for £20,000

By Lisa Smyth

Rugby fans have been left furious after they were unable to buy tickets for the upcoming World Cup from the official website - while other websites are selling tickets for £2,000 each.

More than 70,000 additional tickets went on general sale on the England 2015 Rugby World Cup website yesterday.

Those hoping to buy tickets through official channels were redirected to a page on the Rugby World Cup website and placed in a queue - but were faced with an uncertain wait. At the same time, tickets to watch Ireland take on Romania and Canada in September were available to buy on for £2,000.

Meanwhile, tickets on for the Ireland versus France game were selling for £1,594.

One fan said that he had been waiting more than six hours on the official website and still had not made it to the top of the online queue yesterday afternoon. "It's a mess, total chaos," he said.

He had been trying to buy tickets for the France versus Ireland match at Millennium Stadium, Cardiff - certain to attract heavy interest from fans in Northern Ireland.

"This is probably the best match people are scrambling to get tickets for, but to be left hanging for hours shows what poor communications the Rugby World Cup has.

"It doesn't bode well for the future." Another fan said: "It's ridiculous but it doesn't surprise me. I tried to get tickets through the ballot just after Christmas but didn't have any joy. The organisers say they don't want their tickets sold through unofficial channels but they allow these websites to advertise at rugby games."

People buying tickets from unofficial sources can be refused entrance. No one from England 2015 Rugby World Cup was available to comment.

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