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Ireland v Samoa: O’Driscoll in the dark

Irish captain Brian O'Driscoll admits that he doesn’t know a whole lot about Samoan rugby.

That of which he is aware, however, is sufficient to forewarn him of what he and his colleagues can expect tomorrow afternoon.

Big, hard hits and plenty of them.

“We don't have a huge amount of footage on Samoa but we do know some of their personnel, particularly the guys playing in England,” said O’Driscoll who lines out in the centre alongside Ulster’s Paddy Wallace.

“The one thing you get with Pacific Islands teams is huge physicality.

“Their players are capable of putting a hole in you if you run directly at them.

“That being said, you must be aware of the shooters that can come out of their defence on occasion.”

So how best do you counter those tactics?

“Sometimes you have to play smarter; if their line speed is huge then play the ball behind them,” O’Driscoll says.

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