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It’s Cup glory for Dromore

Dromore, beaten a week earlier by Ballynahinch at Ravenhill in the final of the Roland Barr U19 Cup, picked themselves up to win the Nutty Krust-Wells Floodlit Cup last night at Chambers Park.

Watched by a big crowd which included Gary Longwell, Isaac Boss, Andrew Trimble and David Pollock as well as Branch President Cecil Watson, the two under-19 teams served up a super game.

Coleraine lock David Chestnut bagged the opening try before Dromore’s Daniel Cummins applied a good finish and the score was 7-7 at the break. Towards the end James Gibson scorched in under the posts to clinch it.

COLERAINE: Niall Irwin; Alan-Lee McCallion, Chris Barber, Andrew McKnight, Colin Brown; Alister Chambers, Cameron Jinks; Stephen McGrotty, Scott Lowe, Joshua McCabe; Conor Smyth, David Chestnut; Nathan Rankin, Luke Simpson, Richard Forbes. Replacements: Jonny Henry, David Robinson, Andrew Brady, Patrick McCombe, Andrew Marks.

DROMORE: Jamie McDonald; Brian McClearn, James Gibson, Michael Allen, Corey Linton; Aaron Stewart, Willie Magowan; George Wilson, Fraser Mulholland, Mark Hylands; Daniel Cummins, Bryan Davison; Ryan Kerr, Jamie Kirk, Adam McGregor. Replacements: Richard Armstrong, Bradley Irwin, Chris Taylor.

Referee: David Fergie.

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