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Johnson wants to rebuild fortress

Martin Johnson warned England the time has come to start turning Twickenham into a feared venue once again.

Australia will arrive at Twickenham on Saturday having won on their last two visits and England's recent home record is four defeats in six Tests. Last weekend, England had the 81,000-strong Twickenham crowd on its feet with a rousing second-half comeback against New Zealand but they had left it too late and the All Blacks won 26-16.

"We want teams to come here and not look forward to playing," said Johnson.

"You only do that by performance. It doesn't happen any other way. You have to go and play with intensity and accuracy and make it bloody difficult for them.

"We are expecting a very hard Test match and a tough challenge. We were disappointed with things we did last week but it is good to have that as a reference point. We didn't start well enough last week, defensively we compounded errors and suddenly they are scoring. You can fix those things up.

"The guys were realistic last week that they hadn't played well enough for long enough in the game. They had played well in parts but that won't win you a game against teams of this quality.

"Australia are very dangerous. They are very good at spotting opportunities, mismatches, holes on the inside. We have got to be sharper than we were last week.

"We will be better for playing the All Blacks. One of the guys on Thursday said: If we had done that in Premiership we would have scored but it wasn't good enough.

"It is that recognition from the players that they need to produce 80 minutes of Test match intensity and execution. Everything is about intensity.

"The pace of it is faster, more powerful, there are heavier tackles and you get less time. You have to get into that mode."


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