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McLaren driving England preparation

Mike Tindall

England are gearing up for the Rugby World Cup with the help of Formula One giants McLaren.

The team behind world champion drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button are lending their technical expertise to ensure England head to New Zealand in the best shape ever.

England centre Mike Tindall explained: "The physical and conditioning guys are working with McLaren and trying everything they can to get that little bit more data and feedback."

He added: "If we can continue to do that hopefully we will steal those half per cents.

"We're making sure we hit the ground running and a lot of the training has been more rugby based. In 2003 it was just hit the line - run, run, run.

"It has been a lot different. They are looking at all the data from the GPS and heart rate monitors, trying to predict when people are in a zone to get injuries.

"They also see when people are working to an optimum level and making sure they don't go over the edge of that."

The England management are using McLaren's data analysts to study the players' GPS readings, from which they are tailoring the training sessions to get the best from each individual and to replicate Test match intensity as closely as possible.