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I want Ulster to be best in world

Ulster Rugby’s new Chief Executive Officer today vowed to make the province world pace-setters on and off the pitch.

In charge: Shane Logan during his first public appearance since becoming Ulster’s Chief Executive darren kidd/presseye

But 46-year-old Shane Logan’s ambitions are not confined to blazing a trail in the professional game, for he also pledged himself to working for the betterment of the game at club level, too.

And to include people not previously involved in rugby.

Those ambitious objectives were the key ingredients of his first public outing since taking up the CEO reins just over a week ago.

Explaining what had prompted him to apply for and accept the post vacated by his predecessor, Michael Reid, the new man said that was down to two things.

He cited “a passion for rugby, particularly Ulster rugby, which is in my DNA,” adding that the opportunity had come “at the right time in my career”.

He said: “Thankfully we have a strong team on the professional playing side and the results this season are certainly showing that.

“We have been showing a lot of promise; we’re now in the top 12 in Europe.

“But the priority may not be exclusively there. I will be responsible for all parts of the game, the professional game, the domestic game and also the commercial success.

“As Chief Executive you can’t have one bit working in isolation. The product, in all parts, has to continually improve.”

He highlighted the need for the various strands to come together, citing “the quality of the professional game and the quality of the domestic game in feeding into the professional game.”

He went on: “Although the commercial side is perhaps a little behind where the professional game has got to, we need to move forward together to achieve one common vision, that being world’s best.”

Admitting that he was “very concerned” about Ulster’s place in the pecking order behind Munster and Leinster, he went on: “In the next three to five years my job is to ensure that in all of the ingredients that Munster and Leinster have put in place we are as good and better.

“It’s great to see Munster and Leinster doing well, but if you go back into the not too distant past, Ulster were leading the way.

“We’ve had 20-odd Lions, we’ve won more Inter-provincial championships than any of the other provinces, and we were the first side to win the Heineken Cup. So the potential is here.

“But it’s not just Munster and Leinster; it’s all of the European sides we have to be concerned with.”

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