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Reds express O'Connor interest

Ewen McKenzie has confirmed his interest in Western Force star James O'Connor, saying he hoped the allure of coming home to Queensland would attract the 20-year-old to the Reds.

Late last week there were plenty of rumours floating about that O'Connor had already committed to Melbourne, but at this stage the youngster remains unsigned and up for grabs.

Queensland coach McKenzie, who personally phoned O'Connor to express the Reds' interest, said: "I spoke to him because it became quite clear from the paper talk that he was looking at his options, so in that space, you've got be involved in the marketplace and he's a pretty good player."

He added: "I contacted him on that basis and I'll have a chat with his manager, see what the lay of the land is.

"He's pretty much asked his manager to consider the options, look around and see who's interested. We're just working out how interested we are.

"He's also a Queenslander. His family is still here, so when he's not training with the Wallabies he's training here at Ballymore.

"He's from here, so we understand all of that background. In that context, he's worth having a chat with."


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