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Dromore want to be High achievers in Schools' Cup debut


Up for the challenge: Forwards coach Gareth Bronte (left), head coach Josh Pentland (right) and the Dromore team are determined to make a big impression in their first ever game in the Schools’ Cup. Photo: Jonathan Porter/Press Eye

Up for the challenge: Forwards coach Gareth Bronte (left), head coach Josh Pentland (right) and the Dromore team are determined to make a big impression in their first ever game in the Schools’ Cup. Photo: Jonathan Porter/Press Eye

Up for the challenge: Forwards coach Gareth Bronte (left), head coach Josh Pentland (right) and the Dromore team are determined to make a big impression in their first ever game in the Schools’ Cup. Photo: Jonathan Porter/Press Eye

Regardless of the outcome, history will be made tomorrow when Dromore High School play their first ever Danske Bank Schools' Cup game when the second round of the competition kicks off around the province.

And just to add to an already highly anticipated occasion, Dromore's entry to the big time will see them travelling the relatively short distance to take on local rivals Banbridge Academy (kick-off 10.30am) who are the current holders of the Schools' Trophy.

The decision to give Dromore their shot in the senior competition was made following the growth of the game at the school - with the setting up of a sixth form several years ago also being a vital ingredient in moving towards them now playing at Under-18 level - which has been most clearly demonstrated through their decade-long dominance of the Under-16 High Schools' Trophy.

The school's head coach Josh Pentland, who has a Schools' Cup winners' medal from his time at RBAI, said: "It's going to be a great game and occasion for the school and the town of Dromore itself.

"People have been talking about it for quite a while now and there's a real buzz around the place.

"It will be a great day and also a special way to start it off for us.

"This is a long-term thing for us but, right now, we're here and we're going to give it a real go."

A lot of hard work has gone towards getting the school to this point and Pentland - who is now in his second year with Dromore and is assisted by forwards coach Gareth Bronte - is only too ready to pay tribute to his predecessor Jacques Benade, who is currently on a sabbatical in Dubai, and the school's principal Ian McConaghy for all their efforts in pushing the school on.

Dromore only played their first full game at Under-18 level back in September when they hosted - they play at the town's rugby club - what was essentially an Inst seconds team and marked the special occasion by winning 8-7.

Since then a number of injuries have struck, which have bitten hard with a small squad, and though the results haven't been good, the squad have remained encouragingly competitive.

Another reason for a certain amount of optimism is that most of those injured players are expected to be back in time for tomorrow's clash with Banbridge.

Second row Richard Dickson is one such player and he has been sidelined since October with a hand injury. His return to fitness will be a considerable boost for the Schools' Cup debutants, though they have been hit by hooker Oliver Beatty not making it due to injury.

Other key players in the squad include team captain Ben Martin, who plays full-back and is also Head Boy and skipper of the school's football team, and he has a big input into the way the side performs.

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Ben Heath is also a talented No.8 who will be looking to make an impact.

There is, of course, the appreciation that turning their local rivals over on Bann's home patch, in what will be the first game they have played against each other at this level, is rather unlikely.

Even so, Dromore are certainly going to go full-on to create a big upset from their first exposure to the competition.

"We know they're well-seasoned in the Schools' Cup, that they have home advantage and they've a lot more senior players than we have," stated Pentland, who plays his club rugby at Malone.

"We'll give it a go and if it goes our way on the day it would be absolutely brilliant, but we're not even contemplating that.

"We're going to enjoy the occasion and that's what it's about for us.

"Our Upper Sixth boys would never have thought they'd have been playing at this level, so for us we're glad of the opportunity.

"There's no real pressure (on us) and we're going to go out and enjoy it, play our own game and see what happens."

This venture into unknown territory - the school has a strong junior representation and has sides at Under-12, Under-13, Under-14 and Medallion levels - is just a first step of a long-term plan to continue developing the game within the school and, indeed, the town itself.

"It's all about the boys and the school," added Pentland.

"It will drive the junior boys, who are going to the game, to want to play in it. It's all about our plan and our ambition to do this.

"The boys have bought into it and the school has bought into it. We'll see how it goes."

Whatever happens tomorrow morning, Dromore are ready to embrace this historic moment.


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