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Sevens kit causes a stir

The England Sevens team will wear two of the most outrageous kits in sporting history for this summer's World Cup and the 2013-14 HSBC World Series.

The white 'home' kit features a pixellated image of the classic red rose emblem across the torso.

The change shirt is based on the same triangulated image but it has been zoomed in to the power of 10.

The result is a slightly sinister Magic Eye-style design that England will hope leaves their opponents with blurred vision.

The official announcement from designers Canterbury said "the colours of the rose blend together to demonstrate the fluidity and speed involved in the game".

The Rugby Football Union has moved away from the more traditional shirt designs for the England Sevens team in recent years, a policy which began with a burnt orange change kit called "Tequila Sunrise".

England will wear the controversial kits for the first time at the Marriott London Sevens at Twickenham on May 11 and 12.

England will not be wearing this strip at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, however.

Ben Ryan's team may be able to wear a new Canterbury kit in Glasgow but that has yet to be determined due to adidas' involvement with the England Commonwealth Games team.


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